♥Working Life♥

Work,work,work n work!!!!

0ohhh siryesly im very tired..everyday I must woke up early n go to work..

From Monday – Friday..:(

Then…so many work that I must do..for everyday I do it a acc,acc n acc..huh!!!really2 bored…everyday do it the same worked! juz sit on the chair n do it a acc on the lappy..fuhhhh!!!

im feel like im doesn’t have a life.. my face also was like a ‘CEKODOK PISANG PENYEK’..hahahaha;P

Uishh!!im not ready to become a working women..hhahahaha

im still want be a student..im LOVE student life..:) simple life..juz go to class for everyday,,hahhahaha

BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTING…wait for me ya..hehehe;) [if ade rezeki]

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